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Aug 11

How to Hack a Digital Cable TV Converter Box

Would you like to learn how to hack a digital cable TV converter box? One of the quickest ways to get basic cable is to use an old school method known as splicing. You would splice cable TV lines for unauthorized use. Most hackers will tell you that you can purchase a splitter at your local electronic store and easily run an additional line from the cable modem line for the computer directly into your television. Without the converter box, you’ll have access to free, basic, analog cable.

However, if you learn how to hack a digital cable TV converter box with an illegal converter or set-top, you could get instant access to premium channels like HBO and Showtime. In other words, you won’t have to subscribe to receive cable. Instead it will come straight to your home or apartment along with a cable modem signal. Think about how much money you could save on cable. For this method to work, you’ll need high speed Internet access. And depending on your area, you could wind up spending as much as $50 a month to be able to connect to web.

By the same token, you won’t be spending a dime on basic cable which could save you about $40 per month. Many hackers do this if they are happy with only receiving analog cable. Not many know this but all cable service run through the same line. This has been a sore spot for cable operators for years, but now it seems to have taken on a new sense of urgency in the race to create the best high speed Internet service.

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