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Cable Converter Box

Jan 31

Welcome to the Best Cable Converter Box and Accessories Online Store

Your search for high quality cable converter box hardware and accessories ends here with our well stocked online store. We offer high end products that are sure to make your entertainment experience even greater than it already is. You can find great cable converter box hardware that can improve your signal and help make your television compatible with other technologies. These options are able to allow you to pass the appropriate signal through to your television if you have an older style television set or an exotic system.

Cable converter boxes such as the ones on our online store are designed to allow those who wish to continue with their programming to receive a higher quality digital signal which can carry more information and higher quality video to their television sets. Some cable converter boxes offer the ability to show on screen programming which is useful in households that do not know the schedule for their favorite shows. Accessories are also available to enhance the entertainment experience for customers who have conversion needs for their televisions. The available options for converting signals are useful for older televisions, different signal types and more.

Finding great deals on the products that are offered on our store is always a benefit for our customers. Our friendly online store can be easily searched for the products you need to improve your cable experience. This means that you could easily find products that are useful in creating a better experience for your television viewing pleasure. Our products are capable of offering HDTV signals and more through the use of HDMI cables and compatible television sets. Customers should look into the compatibility between devices that they plan on using with their television and make the appropriate purchase decision.

Sep 12

Make the Most of the HD Converter Box

A cable converter box is a very useful tool, especially if you want to benefit from a crystal clear signal on your TV transmission. Converter boxes are available in standard and high definition models. High-definition converter boxes contain the necessary technology to convert the high definition signals without losing the HD picture and the HQ audio quality.

High-Definition Converter Boxes

When compared to the amount of standard definition converter boxes on the market, there aren’t many HD models available. Some models, like the Zinwell ZAT--970A, Samsung DTBH260F and Digital STREAM DTX9950F convert HD and standard definition signals without compromising the quality of the transmission. Other models such as as the iNet Access SSR 3909A, down convert digital HD television signals to analogue quality. Models like this are intended for use with standard definition television.


What Does a HD Converter Box Do?

Simply put, cable converter boxes convert CATV television signals into different formats. CATV is an acronym for cable television. Even if each box is different, they all work in similar ways:

  • the box receives the signal;
  • then, it reads the data;
  • converts the data so it can play on a TV as if it were coming from a different type of signal.

The converter box detects a CATV signal and converts it into an analogue RF format, the most basic of television signals, so a television that is not cable ready can receive television broadcasts.

Benefit from High-Definition Quality

The High-definition technology is quite complex. However, it can be explained easily. HD picture quality is much better than standard definition. The pixel ratio is very important. Therefore, the higher the pixel ration, the better the picture.


A clue to whether the converter box is HD or not, consists in the ratio of the picture quality. If you see 1080p, 1080i or 720p on the specifications, then the signal is HD. If you see 480p or 480i, then the model is not HD.

How to Install the HD Converter Box

Once you purchase the converter box, you need to install it. Installation does not require a professional. Nevertheless, if you feel that you cannot do it on your own, then you can ask for help. Or, if you want to install it by yourself, you have to know the basics before you get started.


Most of the converter boxes come with a basic coaxial cable, which is the standard connector cable used in most homes and businesses. Here is how you install the box:

  • attach the existing coaxial cable to the Antenna In port on the converter box;
  • attach one end of the supplied coaxial cable to the To TV port on the converter box and the other to the Antenna In port on the television;
  • turn on the cable converter and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the box.

This is it! Simple as 1-2-3! You can now enjoy all your favourite programs in HD picture quality and HQ sound quality. There isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t purchase an HD converter box.

Jul 17

Digital Converter Boxes Upgrade Your Entertainment

As the digital transition has emerged, many people are confused and they don’t know that they may need digital converter boxes. Such devices interact with a digital television set, providing the user the possibility to record programming to an internal hard drive. There are two main types of digital converter boxes:

  • those that are a tuner for the television; these types split the feed from the cable company into many different channels that the user can view
  • the digital video recorder, also known as DVR


Such devices feature a compact size and dual-position design, such as flip-out stand, vertical or horizontal, which makes it easy to fit with any TV, but clients will also find a coaxial cable and remote control batteries in the package. Plus, such devices feature a universal remote that allows users to control their converter box and TV with one remote and this works with most brands.

A digital converter box provides:

-- coaxial output, AV output

-- easy plugging into your antenna and connection to TV

-- a single remote control

-- parental control

-- converting over-the-air digital broadcasts to analog


Today, many cable companies continue to provide an analog feed, the conversion from digital to analog taking place at the company end of the cable line.

Nevertheless, many people ask themselves if it’s useful to buy or not a digital cable converter box. In case they are cable subscribers, then they shouldn’t, but if they want to cancel their cable subscription, they will have to buy such a device or switch to a satellite television service.


As the Internet is at hand, you will find convenient prices online. There are many huge discounts, but avoid those boxes that promise free premium channels, as it’s illegal to have such boxes, so you will have problems in case you will be caught.

You can also find converter boxes at electronic department stores where you can ask the stuff if the box you intend to buy works with your specific cable services, but you can find that information on the Internet, as well.

Find out how to set up your digital converter box:

Feb 28

Why To Use A Cable Converter Box

Television is very important for people from all around the world and the United States makes no exception from this point of view. Television first began in the 1870s, and since that moment it has evolved so much that we cannot imagine life in the lack of a TV. Television and technology have developed amazingly during the years, so nowadays, we are able to enjoy an unique experience while watching our favorite television shows at the highest quality image and sound.

The invention of a cable converter box is also considered to be an important technological development in the filed of television. A cable converter box is a type of electronic device that is meant to be used with the purpose to convert channels from cable television into analog RF signal. In other words, only with the use of a cable converter box you will be able to watch certain television channels, which otherwise are not available for your television set. Naturally, the cable converter box can also be used to convert other television signals and make them adapted to your needs. This means that no matter the channels you want to watch on your television set, they will become available for you with the use of a cable converter box. This way you can enjoy a great television experience each moment you have free time and you just want to relax.

Both buying and using a cable converter box will be very simple for anyone. The device is light and simple to handle and you can also use it with the purpose to record certain programs. So, the best thing about the cable converter box is that you can easily use it to record the television shows you do not have enough time to watch, with the purpose to watch them later. The cable converter box is small and easy to store, so it will not occupy too much space. If you are able to enjoy a better television experience, while improving your comfort and without having to spend huge sums of money for that, there is no reason why you should not try the cable converter box.

Sep 30

You Need A Cable Converter Box

Cable converter box is an important electronic device that transforms the the channels from cable television into analog RF signal. Cable converter box has two coaxial connectors, stereo sound and video composite. Cable converter box is a small, light device that will help you have many channels than you had not until now and it can be adapted to the needs and technical problems you have. The digital television has appeared, but cable converter box is able to convert the analog signals. The future of the television is based upon cable converter box and this is why many people buy it. Cable converter box offers you many channels and this way you have the possibility to see all your favorite programs or maybe you will find new ones.

Having a digital cable converter box is of great importance, it represents an adaptation to what technology brought. A digital cable converter box offers you the possibility to have control over the channels you want and there are many types of it. It is good to buy the cable converter box that the cable company recommends you to. It is important to ask for all the necessary details before having a cable converter box. You have to be sure that is compatible with what you have and with the devices used by the cable company. Moreover, there is cable converter box with many features that can be used for several purposes. It is wise to think twice and see what are your needs, problems and this way you will know which cable converter box to buy. 

The cable converter box is great because it helps you also record the programs, not only watching them, so it is amazing that can have such advanced features. As there are many and different types of cable converter box, the price is various also. It depends on the budget you have and what you want from that device. If you watch TV a lot, then it would be better if you bought a cable converter box that has a high quality. The cable converter box will not disturb you, it is so small that is hard even to observe it. You do not need a lot of space to put it, so just enjoy its benefits.

Aug 08

Digital Cable Converter Box Offers You An Interesting Experience

The digital cable converter box allows you to have many channels that come through the feed from the cable company. Digital cable converter box adapts to the advanced steps that technology has made. All that the viewer has to do is to choose some channels, subscribe to them and then the digital cable converter box does all the job while you sit and enjoy your favorite programs.

The digital cable converter box is small, easy to install and is perfect for the advanced technology. The use of digital cable converter box is sustained by the government and it can be for free or it can be bought at an affordable price. Without digital cable converter box, you will not be able to have the necessary signal in order to watch all the channels that are there. Buy digital cable converter box and you can watch all that you are interested in. It is a cheap way and it takes few minutes to install the digital cable converter box. Then, you already have the signals ready and you can watch the programs that you want to.

More, digital cable converter box keep away the thieves that sometimes steal the cables, but this is not possible now with digital cable converter box . Although things changes and today are other laws regarding the broadcast, you still can watch all you want and be in touch with everything that happens around the world or in your country. Buy digital cable converter box and be ready to relax and to enjoy all that you wanted. Buy digital cable converter box and the quality of the sound and image will increase a lot and the experience of watching TV will change for sure in a better one, having more quality. Digital cable converter box is a way of saving money, but you benefit from an outstanding quality that will be impressive. The images and the sounds will be so great that you will think that the action happens right in front of you. Benefit from what science has made for us and enjoy every time you watch TV!

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Dec 02

Digital cable converter box

When you like to watch more programs than just the ones that the local TV stations are offering then you might like to invest in a digital cable converter box to get digital cable TV with many channels at your disposal. The digital cable converter box is an electronic tuning mechanism that is capable of turning any of the cable TV channels into VHF channel that you can watch from your TV. If you have an older version TV set that is not set up to take the cable TV cable then you will need to install a digital cable converter box to get cable TV to your set.

The CATV wire streams cable TV channels into your home and the digital cable converter box then translates this signal into a watchable format through your TV set. You can also do this through a computer however the need for a digital cable converter box for a modern computer is very rare. The standard cable box is a passive devise that submits information one way without sending information back to the sender. Once the information of the standard digital cable converter box is sent the job is done and there is nothing more for the converter to do.

Sep 15

Digital Cable TV Converter Box

The digital cable converter box is simple a box which feeds cable TV into homes through a cable network company. The different channels can be controlled through this digital cable tv converter box as well as controlled directly at the source. There are now so many models of cable tv converter boxes on the market that it is actually wiser to use the ones recommended by your cable company unless you are efficient with cable hacking.

The two main types of these digital cable tv converter boxes are firstly the basic model which only allows tv to stream through the cable lines. The customer is only allowed to watch the cable tv which is sent through the optical cable networks. The latest type of these digital converter boxes are the ones which allow you to record as well as watch the programs. These cable converter boxes are state of the art and in much demand by the average consumer.

When you have established your connection with this cable network you can also add additional devices such as computers and second tv sets. Hacking the cable is easy for people with a little electrical know how which can mean that you get all services to all machines in the house for no extra cost.

Aug 11

How to Hack a Digital Cable TV Converter Box

Would you like to learn how to hack a digital cable TV converter box? One of the quickest ways to get basic cable is to use an old school method known as splicing. You would splice cable TV lines for unauthorized use. Most hackers will tell you that you can purchase a splitter at your local electronic store and easily run an additional line from the cable modem line for the computer directly into your television. Without the converter box, you’ll have access to free, basic, analog cable.

However, if you learn how to hack a digital cable TV converter box with an illegal converter or set-top, you could get instant access to premium channels like HBO and Showtime. In other words, you won’t have to subscribe to receive cable. Instead it will come straight to your home or apartment along with a cable modem signal. Think about how much money you could save on cable. For this method to work, you’ll need high speed Internet access. And depending on your area, you could wind up spending as much as $50 a month to be able to connect to web.

By the same token, you won’t be spending a dime on basic cable which could save you about $40 per month. Many hackers do this if they are happy with only receiving analog cable. Not many know this but all cable service run through the same line. This has been a sore spot for cable operators for years, but now it seems to have taken on a new sense of urgency in the race to create the best high speed Internet service.

May 31

Digital Cable Converter

Digital cable converters are boxes that allow feeds from the cable company to come through and split them up into the many different channels for the cable viewer. There are many different models that digital cable converter boxes come in, and the one that’s best for you will depend on what your budget is, and what kind of digital cable converter box you want.

Types of Digital Cable Converters

There are two main types of digital cable converter boxes that are widely available from cable companies. The first is a basic model that will only transmit signals that are sent by the cable company. These cable companies do not allow the viewer to do anything but watch the channels that the viewer subscribes to. However, there are other digital cable converters that also come equipped with DVR capabilities. These boxes will record shows that are on television so that the person can watch them once the program has finished.

Features of Digital Cable Converters

Aside from the different types of digital cable converters, there are also many different cable boxes that offer many different features. Some will come with only the ability to watch television, while others will have features such as a television guide, weather reports, and on demand services, which allow viewers to simply order movies or television shows and watch them whenever they want. Cable companies usually have some or all of these features built right into their cable converter boxes so you’ll need to ask around and see what the different companies offer before choosing on a converter box.

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